About Us

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

The Royal Spa & Salon that Leaves a Smile on your Face.

Exceptional Beauty for the Exceptional Face.

Start a Reaction.

Our Policies

1. This Spa is a place to relax, We request you to keep noise to a Minimum and keep mobiles off or on Silent.

2. To avoid having to wait incase our therapist are busy it is recommended to schedule an Appointment in Advance.

3. As a consideration to offer guest, Children should not be left unattended.

4. Disposable Undergarments, Slippers, Gloves and Toiletries on provide for the Therapies.

5. Smoking & Alcohol consumption are Strictkly Prohibited.

6. We assume no responsibility for the safety of Cash, Jewellery and Valuables.

7. Injuries and Medical condition must be disclosed to your therapist before start of therapist.

8. Air- conditioning temperature, music & lighting can be adjusted to suit your comfort. Please inform your therapist or your preferences. Relax & enjoy your Therapy.

9. We are Genuine and Respectful Spa, Please do not expect or demand anything other than Therapeutic of Spa Services

We are providing service more then 5+ years in the market. We make the most of all our customers.